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The Arts Society Charnwood
Newsletter 2 June 2020 Dear Member,   TASC Looking Forward   We have received a most detailed 40-page missive from The Arts Society HQ in London entitled Planning Guidance for Member Societies which we are studying.   As well as advising on the Financial Options it covers what Societies might or might not do in terms of virtual lectures, actual meetings, study sessions; and also how a phased re- opening towards a physical future might be achieved.   Your Management Board is considering all of this and  we are going to try and carry out a Virtual Board Meeting using Zoom in order to make some decisions and then we will have something more definite to be able to tell you.   Zoom is a pretty straightforward web-based App similar to Skype that enables multiple participants both to see and hear each other on the screen of their computer, tablet, i- phone etc. all at the same time.  Each person’s image appears in a little box on the screen beside all the others.  Guidance is available for first time users.   There is the possibility that we may be able to resume some kind of normal service, either virtual or actual, on Thursday 10th September, or Thursday 8th October.   Our AGM is scheduled for 8th October and some Societies have managed to run theirs in a virtual way with a combination of emails and Zoom:  we will have to see!   I will have more to tell you after our Board Meeting.   Finally, we all wish you well: keep safe, follow “The Rules” and hope for the best!                                                                                               Michael Kelly                                                                                                    Chairman Newsletter 1 1st May 2020 Dear Member, Lockdown etc. for TASC As you will all know, our April, May and June Meetings have been postponed/cancelled. We have pencilled in the 9th July & 13th August as possible dates. Although this does not look too likely at present, with at least the possibility that we may be able to resume normal service on Thursday 10th September, however, if there is a second peak resurgence of Covid-19, this too may not happen. The Arts Society (i.e. HQ) is doing some quite imaginative things, so their website is worth some study: many of their sessions and seminars are now available to the general public (for the time being). You do not need to login to the Members area, just go to www.theartssociety.org . Ignore all the tours and trips for March that still fill the lower part of this Home Page and just click on to the red banner “The Arts Society Connected” as I explained before. I think that the Lecture on Venice is particularly good. Regarding our Society, we do have some financial reserves and we are saving the costs of the speakers for at least three months. We should be able to work out what this means for our balance sheet by the autumn and be able to adjust next year’s subscription. Finally, we all wish you well: keep safe, follow “The Rules” and hope for the best! Michael Kelly Chairman TASC