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The Arts Society Charnwood
TASC October-1 Newsletter 2020 1st October Dear Member, Thursday 8th October Zoom Lecture 7pm for 7.30pm Timothy Walker on “The Subtle Science & Exact Art of Colour in English Garden Design” All you then need to do on the Thursday above is either to click on the link (the long blue line of numbers and letters in the email we sent you) or, if this does not work, copy and paste the long blue line of numbers and letters direct into your internet browser. This will take you to the first screen where you need to click on “Open” which takes you to the “Virtual Waiting Room” which is a smallish white square with a revolving icon in the top left corner: it allows our Organiser (Paul Spiers) to see you and your name for Approval, and he will admit you. (The purpose of this is to exclude unauthorised gate crashers). Once into the Lecture you will see a small icon on the top right of your screen which will let you see it full screen. You will be able to see and hear all the other attendees, and they will be able to see you. If we have a lot of people (and we hope that we will) there will be two or three screens each with 25 people with an arrow on the side margin when you hover with your mouse to get from one to another. The reason for asking you to start the joining process well before the 7.30pm Lecture start item is to give our Organiser, Paul Spiers, time to vet all the applicants as above. If you do log in late and are let in, please remember to mute yourself by clicking on the top right of your own rectangular picture. If you get into a jam and cannot gain access, please ring our Programme Secretary, David Brown, on 01162 363441 or 07970413118, and he will do his best to help you. Timothy Walker on The subtle Science and Exact Art of Colour. English Garden Design (one for the gardeners amongst us) Tim was originally the Director of the Oxford University Botanic Garden (1988 to 2014). Since then he has been a college lecturer and tutor at Somerville College Oxford. Gardens are often thought of a place where science and art meet on equal terms; his lectures investigate this relationship. This lecture looks at how to apply these principles in designing a border, as well as the ways in which a border is different from a painting. However, it goes further than this and considers at how contemporary work of the likes of Turner, Monet, Rothko, Jackson Pollack, and Hockney evolved in parallel with ideas about what a garden or border should look like. Zoom Study Day: Wednesday 14th October, Barry Venning on “Paintbrushes at Dawn” 12 noon – 1pm; (lunch) 1.30pm – 2.30pm Your Management Board has decided that, and instead of charging £40 per head, we would make it free to members and their guests as a “bonus” for your loyalty; so do try and promote it. We already have several guests who wish to join, please see if you can find some more! Barry Venning has been very helpful and obliging over this, and he has reduced it to two 1-hour lectures with a ½ hour interval between for lunch (during which the Zoom will be left on). You will have to organise your own lunches, and our traditional home-made cakes will also have to be virtual! I will send out a separate email once we have finalised things with Barry. With best wishes you all, Michael Kelly Chairman TASC 01509 890173 michaeljohnkelly7@gmail.com