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The Arts Society Charnwood
Newsletter February-1 Newsletter 1.2.24 Dear All, 11th January: “Last Supper in Pompeii” We had a most successful first Lecture Meeting in Woodhouse Eaves on 11th January: “Last Supper in Pompeii”, and Paul Spiers appeared in full technicolour dressed as a Roman Senator. It was very well attended with some 44 members and 20 guests (whom we are trying hard to encourage to join our Society). The Venue is : Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall, 50a Main Street, Woodhouse Eaves, LE12 8RZ. 7.15 for 7.45pm. This is the main Hall facing the Main Street. Our Next Meeting: Thursday 8th February Tyler Butterworth – “What a Carry On!” -From the son of Peter: come and hear the history and art of the Carry On films from within the family, their exploits during WWII, and much more. link Miscellaneous Our Membership is now close to 70, but we need it to reach 80 in order to be secure for the future. Because of the complex way TAS Central collects our affiliation fee, people joining from now on until the end of our Financial Year (June 2024) visitors and people wishing to join will need to pay £10 per lecture, and once they have joined for 2024-25. They will revert to our Standard £80 per year. We have a hard date for payment of 1st July 2024 and their will be no discounts around this. So, please do sign up by 1st July, and all will be well both for you and us! Our First Outing will be to the Anstey Wallpaper Factory (which, strangely, is sited near the Bell Foundry in Loughborough) on Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th March. They can take 19 people in 3 groups each day. Vicky Dennison will contact those who have already registered and we hope that you will be flexible with your requirements so that she can fit you all in; there will be sheets for you to confirm these places at our coming Meeting on 8th February. “Repair Cafe” Meetings are already being held in the Youth & Community Hall at the back of Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall at weekends. People come with items needing repair. Items include household electrical equipment, jewellery, wooden items, clothing alteration and repair, sharpening garden and household items, mobile phones and more; so you, our members, can come too. Next Meeting: Saturday 2nd March between 9.30 - 12.30pm. Guest Fee £10 New Lecture Topics: we do encourage our Members to suggest topics for lectures; and we are thinking of offering optional name stickers for all attendees at our lectures if you would like one. So please turn out in force on Thursday 8th February at 7.15pm for 7.45pm. With best wishes, Michael Kelly Chairman TASC michaeljohnkelly7@gmail.com 01509 890173 P.S. You are very welcome to reply to me about this letter but please use the above email address and no other.