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The Arts Society Charnwood
TASC Newsletter 2020 30th July Dear Member, Thursday 10th September Virtual Zoom Lecture, 7.30pm, Jo Mabbutt on “The Field of the Cloth of Gold” We are now working hard converting our September Meeting into a Zoom format. (We have started to investigate how to secure live streaming via Zoom from the Church Rooms, but this looks both difficult and very expensive. We will keep you informed). Our speaker, Jo Mabbutt is keen to go ahead on 10th September, and she has already done several such Zoom Lectures with Rotary and City Livery Company groups. As well as having access to a computer, I-pad or equivalent, you need to make sure that you do have Zoom installed into your system. If you do not yet have this, you need to Google “Zoom” on the internet and then download the free app. If you already have Zoom on your system, you need to be sure that you have used it since the major Update that came out in early May 2020. If you have not used it since then, click on its icon and the system will offer you the download which you need to accept. You also need to be sure that if your email address is not instantly recognisable, your “name for the meeting” in your Zoom app. is straightforward for the “Waiting Room” (see below). In the week before the Lecture we will send you the joining link; all you then need to do on the day is either to click on this link or insert the actual weblink into your Browser (our email will make this clear). This will take you to the first screen where you need to click on “open” which takes you to the “Virtual Waiting Room” which is a smallish white square with a revolving icon in the top left corner: it allows our Organiser to see you and your name for Approval, and he will admit you. (The purpose of this is to exclude unauthorised gate crashers). Once into the Lecture you will see a small icon on the top right of your screen which will let you see it full screen. This is important for getting the best view of the slides. I am hoping to start with a brief introduction of the Speaker, and we are working on whether later we can accommodate your on-line questions. The Lecture, as usual, is timed to take about an hour. If you feel that you would like some kind of Rehearsal Event beforehand, we are working on the mechanics of setting this up, probably as a Virtual Coffee Morning. We have established that the Griffin Inn at Swithland will be open and hoping to host our Study Day on Wednesday 14th October with Barry Venning (“Paintbrushes at Dawn”) With best wishes to all and hoping you will join us (virtually) on 10th September. Michael Kelly Chairman TASC 30th June 2020 ooo000ooo TASC Newsletter 2020 June-2 Dear Member, Your Management Board held our first Zoom Meeting on 26th June hosted by Paul Spiers (who is our A/V expert) with me as Chairman. A detailed Agenda with multiple Appendices had been circulated beforehand; and it all went off very well! It was agreed that I should compose this second June Newsletter which has been approved by your Board and is now being emailed to you. Those who are not on email will be sent hard copy by Mervyn Greenhalgh, our Membership Secretary. TAS HQ in London emailed us a very comprehensive 40-page Covid-19 Planning Document which I had distilled into 5-pages that were discussed in detail at our Board Meeting together with a Financial Report from Marion Garner, our Treasurer. Marion Garner explained that our Finances are in good shape with suitable reserves in the bank and building society. However, the central costs of running TAS still remain: the London Office, the training and organising some 200+ accredited lecturers and the provision of on-line Zoom Lectures (which I know many of you have viewed). Our financial contribution to HQ is based on our membership numbers and comes to about £1,600 which does include some reduction because of things that are not being done because of Lockdown. As you know, we have had to cancel the three lectures for April, May & June 2020, as well as the planned outings to Manchester and also to the London City Livery Halls. However, we hope to resume our activities in the autumn. You will see from our Calendar that we have 4 lectures planned for September – December; two of these speakers are already on Zoom and we hope that the other two will also be trained up to do this during the summer. We have been in contact with all of them. We hope very much to establish some kind of physical lecture presence in the Church Rooms, most probably for limited numbers with the rest of you on Zoom at home. Likewise, we have established that the Griffin Inn at Swithland will be open and hoping to host our Study Day on Wednesday 14th October with Barry Venning (“Paintbrushes at Dawn”) On view of all of this, your Board has decided that we will extend everyone’s Subscription Year until December 2020 without any further payment, and we will start again with a reduced subscription for a reduced “year” from January – July 2021. We will see what concessions we ought to make for those members who are unable to see Zoom either themselves, or via a relative or friend; after this we hope to get back to normal from September 2021. We intend to postpone our AGM from its current 8th October 2020 date into the New Year of 2021 where it will “fit” reasonably comfortably with the revised Subscription Year. We will be discussing these arrangements with TAS HQ (and the Charity Commission is already taking a commendably relaxed view about this kind of thing) We will be updating our Website to explain all of this both to you and any other enquirers. Today’s extension of the Lockdown in Leicester is an added complication which may need to be factored in to our plans for the autumn. With best wishes to all of you as this (hopefully) unique summer unfolds. Michael Kelly Chairman TASSC 30th June 2020 Newsletter 1 June 2020 Dear Member,   TASC Looking Forward   We have received a most detailed 40-page missive from The Arts Society HQ in London entitled Planning Guidance for Member Societies which we are studying.   As well as advising on the Financial Options it covers what Societies might or might not do in terms of virtual lectures, actual meetings, study sessions; and also how a phased re-opening towards a physical future might be achieved.   Your Management Board is considering all of this and  we are going to try and carry out a Virtual Board Meeting using Zoom in order to make some decisions and then we will have something more definite to be able to tell you.   Zoom is a pretty straightforward web-based App similar to Skype that enables multiple participants both to see and hear each other on the screen of their computer, tablet, i- phone etc. all at the same time.  Each person’s image appears in a little box on the screen beside all the others.  Guidance is available for first time users.   There is the possibility that we may be able to resume some kind of normal service, either virtual or actual, on Thursday 10th September, or Thursday 8th October.   Our AGM is scheduled for 8th October and some Societies have managed to run theirs in a virtual way with a combination of emails and Zoom:  we will have to see!   I will have more to tell you after our Board Meeting.   Finally, we all wish you well: keep safe, follow “The Rules” and hope for the best!                                                                                               Michael Kelly                                                                                                    Chairman