Programme New membership year 2023/4 At our new venue: Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall, 50a Main Street, Woodhouse Eaves, LE12 8RZ. 7pm for 7.30pm 13th June 2024 David Rosier Imperial Chinese Court Art & Portraiture. David returns from the Scottish Highlands to present more from his vast collections of Chinese Culture, some of which he will bring. This lecture explores the origins and evolution of the nature and function of paintings created under an Emperor's patronage by artists of the Imperial School of Art. Court art evolved separately from classical Chinese paintings and included portraiture plus scenes of court life and significant State Events. These were used as visual evidence of the political power of the Emperor and the splendour of his court. The lecture concludes by considering the revolution in court art that occured in the 18th century as Emperor Qianlong deployed Western artistic skills and techniques brought by Jesuits invited to the Forbidden City. A Chinese Mandarin by George Chinnery There are no meetings in July and August New membership year 2024/5 SEPT Brian MacDonald – “Treasures of the Black Tent.” OCT James Wright – “In Search of Britain’s Oldest Pubs.” NOV Rosamund Bartlett – “The Culture of Ukraine.” DEC Barry Venning – “Giles Cartoons.”
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